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Play Doctor My Eyes by Jackson Browne

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Play Live and Let Die -- Guns N' Roses



Things that can KILL you in Ophthalmology


Optics, Visual Physiology, and Correction of Refractive Errors

Neurophthalmology and Orbit

Acute Horner’s with ipsilateral headache.

            Carotid dissection

Pupil involved or evolving pupil sparing III.

            PCOMM aneurysm

Amaurosis fugax

            Stroke or death

Sudden visual loss with headache.

            Pituitary apoplexy vs. int carotid aneurysm

Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

Optic nerve hypoplasia

           de Morrsier syndrome with panhypopituitrism

 Nystagmus and the dx is Spasmus nutans, sew-saw or opsoclonus (there are others)

            Tumor, tumor, tumor

External Eye and Adnexa/ Cornea

Eyelid lesions.

           Acanthosis nigrans > internal malignancy
           Sebaceous hyperplasia/adenoma > MTS

Anterior Segment of the Eye/ Glaucoma 

Normal tension glaucoma and you missed...

            Compressive lesion

Prescribing a beta blocker without taking a pulse first.

            Bradycardia and death are sure to follow

Phospholine iodide and going to the OR

Posterior Segment of the Eye/ Retina

Pigmentary retinopathy with external ophthalmopleigia.

           CPEO Kearns Sayer with heart block


         Rare association with cerbral vasculitis

Bilateral CRVO or diabetic papillopathy.


Dx CRAO and you miss the diagnosis of...

            Temporal arteritis

Dx of Retinitis pigmentosa simplex and you miss...

            Syphilitic, toxic, CAR, Bardet Biedl, Kearns-Sayer, NCL, Refsum’s or Abetalipoprotein


            50% will have associated condition.

Surgery/Oculoplastics/Cataract and General categories

Oral prednisone Rx.

           Must rule out syphyllis or TB as etiology of inflammation first!

Four medications never to give in pregnancy.

          Pred Forte, Antivirals, Sulfonamides, Anticholinesterase

Disease you should always think about

           TB, syphillis, lyme, sarcoid, lymphoma

Retrobulbar and the patient stops breathing or arrests and you don’t know what to do.

Strabismus surgery and with tachycardia and slight temp...

        Malignant hyperthermia... pt dies and you lose

Phospholine iodide and going to the OR

Using bipolar cautery to control bleeding after enucleation

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1999 2000, Mounir Bashour

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