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Play Doctor My Eyes by Jackson Browne

1999, 2000, Mounir Bashour

Course Handouts
Lecture Notes
Top 10 Lists
Tips & Tricks
Things That Kill
Books to Buy

All of the general none subject specific course handouts and useful programs are available below.

bulletCourse Policies
All the rules and regulations are

There are no real course policies, just let us all try to enjoy this otherwise stressful and horrible part of our lives, and PASS!!!

bulletCourse Handouts
Included here are utilities you may find useful.
Also included are documents that are not seperated by subspecialization but apply to the whole of Ophthalmology and may be helpful to you.
bulletImportant Numbers In Ophthalmology by Frank Stockl EXCEL & ACROBAT
bulletFinally!  The notes we have all been waiting for by Mark Cohen, McGill Ophthalmology 1998, WORD & ACROBAT
bulletAlso this folder contains the files you need to download in order to get the full multimedia effect of my flash card files in the lecture notes section.  Make sure that you download all these files and all the flash card files into the same directory, otherwise they will not work properly.  Any problems call me FLASH CARD MULTIMEDIA FILES.
bulletUseful links
These are links to websites that you will likely find very useful in helping you with revision
bulletDJO Knowledge Review -- great oral type questions with answers
bulletSuccess in MRCOphth -- similar site to this one to help teach people for the Royal College UK.
bulletLinks to almost all Relevant Ophthalmology Sites
bulletpubmed.gif (2293 bytes) the best free article search site
bullet The Digital Atlas of Ophthalmology is a database of images drawn from the vast clinical experience of The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary
bulletgetacro.gif (712 bytes) the official Acrobat Reader 4.0 release.
bulletDownload ICQICQ 99a -- A MUST GET!  MY ICQ# is 4706820
bullet Win Flash Educator -- The Flash Card Program you will  need to be able to run the Flash Card Revision Files Posted
bulletclick to search RxList lets you look up any medication.
bullet for listening to radio stations and music on the internet (see things that kill you page)

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1999 2000, Mounir Bashour

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